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About Us

The Site concept
The primary function of the site (set up in March 2005) is that doodlebuggers everywhere can find,
contact and remain in contact with old friends. Registration is free for everyone.

There are two types of membership

Registered Members
Registered Members may:- Search our database on the Search page,
or peruse our membership list on the Names base page.
Post and /or read messages on the Message Boards page.
Access and update the Crews Locations page.
Access the 'In Memory' page. Access the 'Looking for' page.
There is no obligation for Registered members to upgrade to Life membership if they do not wish to.

Life Members (Fee 5)
Life Members may access all pages on the site.
In addition they may upload Jobs Vacancies, personal particulars for Jobs Wanted,
photographs for The Gallery, mug-shots for the zoo, funny pictures on the Humour page and favourite
jokes on the Jokes page. In addition they can Search and CONTACT any old friends that are already
registered members. They may also add In Memory tributes or stories in Memory Lane and upload details
on the Looking For page. They can check out and upload News and Gossip on the Gossip page,
or add a Logo to the Logos page.

Why We Charge 5
To cover annual domain hosting fees. In addition we pay our webmaster a small monthly fee
based on how much we receive. Some months it is zero!
Monitoring of the site is carried out by the Party Manager and site Administrator. As you can imagine
this is time consuming although it is done on a mainly voluntary basis.
As we allow uploading of photographs etc we must be very careful that the idiots amongst us do not
bring the site into disrepute by posting inappropriate material.
The 5 fee does help to combat this.

If you consider the price of 2 pints of beer in Heathrow Airport is too much to afford for Life Membership
of the best Doodlebugger website in the world, then please just enjoy the free pages!!
If you would like to subscribe, then we appreciate very much your help in keeping the site alive.

If you wish to Advertise please click on the 'Advertise' tab in the left hand margin
or contact the Party Manager.